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Skeleton Key : Lyrics
These lyrics were transcribed (by ear) and typed out by the amazing Casey Webb, who is not connected with Skeleton Key. These are in no way official, or necessarily correct at all whatsoever.

File this under "interesting side notes";
"Since the band did not want their audience to read the lyrics while listening to the music ("this is not a poetry affair"), the words to the songs are printed flipped so they are only readable when seen reflected in the mirror of the CD." -Stefan Sagmeister, Art Director, Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon

Human Pin Cushion EP Human Pin Cushion EP

1. In My Mind
2. Watch The Fat Man Swing
3. Human Pin Cushion

Skeleton Key EP Skeleton Key EP

1. The World's Most Famous Undertaker
2. Nod Off
3. Solitaire
4. You Might Drown
5. Hoboerotica
6. The Spreading Stain

Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon

1. Watch The Fat Man Swing
2. Wide Open
3. Nod Off
4. All The Things I've Lost
5. The Only Useful Word
6. The World's Most Famous Undertaker
7. Vomit Ascot
8. Dear Reader
9. Scratch
10. Big Teeth
11. The Needle Never Ends

An Elipse EP An Elipse EP

1. Sawdust
2. Kerosene
3. Roost in Peace
4. One Way, My Way
5. Say Goodnight

Obtainium Obtainium

1. Sawdust
2. One Way, My Way
3. Candy
4. Panic Bullets
5. The Barker of the Dupes
6. Kerosene
7. Dingbat Revolution
8. Roost in Peace
9. King Know It All
10. That Tongue
11. Say Goodnight

The Lyon's Quintette EP The Lyon's Quintette EP

1. The Denialist
2. Gravity is the Enemy
3. Wake Me Awake
4. Machine Screw
5. Roses

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