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Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon
 1997: Capitol Records

Tracklist / Lyrics / Samples
1. Watch The Fat Man Swing
2. Wide Open
3. Nod Off
4. All The Things I've Lost
5. The Only Useful Word
6. The World's Most Famous Undertaker [mp3]
7. Vomit Ascot
8. Dear Reader
9. Scratch
10. Big Teeth
11. The Needle Never Ends [mp3]

Inspired by The Jesus Lizard to sign a deal with Capitol Records, Skeleton Key unleashed their first full-length release. It was followed five years later by Obtainium.

The CD booklet has a 9x9 grid of holes punched all the way through it (the picture at right is from a promotional CD with the holes unpunched, click here to see how it looks with the holes). The designer, Stefan Sagmeister, was nominated for a 1998 Grammy in the "Best Recording Package" category for his work on this CD.

Fantastic Spikes... is likely Skeleton Key's best-known and acclaimed release, with reviewers making comparisons to The Jesus Lizard, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and others as they search to define the precise, melodic clatter of Skeleton Key at their best.

Skeleton Key and Capitol also released a 2-cd version of Fantastic Spikes..., with several remixes (including a remix of "Nod Off", by J.G. Thirlwell from Foetus).

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