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 2002: Ipecac Records

Tracklist / Lyrics / Samples
1. Sawdust
2. One Way, My Way [mp3]
3. Candy
4. Panic Bullets
5. The Barker of the Dupes [mp3]
6. Kerosene
7. Dingbat Revolution
8. Roost in Peace
9. King Know It All
10. That Tongue
11. Say Goodnight

Released on Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings label after severing ties with Capitol, Obtainium is Skeleton Key's second full-length offering, after Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon.

The album was well-received by Skeleton Key fans and critics alike, the latter of whom roundly hailed its originality but disagreed on how accessible it would be to a wide audience -- one stating that it was "probably too odd and too intelligent to break through to the general public," while another (otherwise positive) review criticized some tracks as being "exercises in dull alternative rock". However, most agree that, at its best, the album is at once a clattering, glorious cacaphony, and an intimate missive from four very talented musicians.

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